Carolina Cottage Guest House


Frequently Answered Questions

  1. Does the cottage have high-speed internet?

    Yes.  The cottage has secure wireless internet access.

  2. Does the cottage have cell phone service?

    Yes.  All major wireless service providers have coverage at the cottage.

  3. Does the cottage have an air conditioner?

    Yes.  The cottage has a ductless mini split air conditioner with heat pump.  In the winter, the cottage is primarily heated with radiant heat, but the ductless unit can be used for supplemental heat if necessary.

  4. Does the cottage have a washer and/or dryer?

    Yes.  There is a full size washer and dryer available for your use.  Laundry detergent and dryer sheets are not provided.

  5. Are linens provided?

    Yes. Sheets and towels are provided, but we ask that you bring additional towels from home for outdoor activities.

  6. Is there a television?

    Yes.  There is a television which receives all local networks, including the local weather channel and PBS.  There is also a DVD player and a small selection of movies.

  7. Is the cottage within walking distance of downtown?

    While the cottage is only minutes away from downtown, you must travel HWY 176 to get there.  HWY 176 is not recommended for walking, but it is a popular highway for biking.

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